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NeoMagic Corporation was incorporated in California in May 1993 and subsequently reincorporated in Delaware in February 1997.

NeoMagic designs and delivers consumer electronic device solutions with semiconductors and software for video, television, imaging, graphics, and audio. We provide low cost, innovative chip technology for tomorrow's entertainment and communication needs. Our Applications Processors are sold under the "MiMagic" brand name with a focus on enabling high performance processor within a low power consumption environment.

NeoMagic demonstrated one of the first solutions used for H.264 video decoding in a mobile digital TV phone, and is developing and delivering solutions for audio/video processing of the dominant mobile digital TV standards, including ISDB-T, T-DMB and DVB-H. For its complete system solution, NeoMagic delivers a suite of middleware and sample applications for imaging, video and audio functionality, and provides multiple operating system ports with customized drivers for the MiMagic product family.

NeoMagic has a strong patent portfolio that covers NeoMagic's proprietary array processing and other technology.

In October 2012, NeoMagic entered into the e-Commerce arena with the acquisition of its MercadoMagico.com division. MercadoMagico.com is an e-Commerce platform that will target the U.S. Market with a special focus on the fast growing Hispanic and Latino community. MercadoMagico.com provides a platform where users will be able to buy and sell products from one another or buy premium electronic products directly from MercadoMagico.com.

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